• Clean Technology



Our team has broad expertise working with cleantech. Due to our analytical approach and experience in the field of cleantech we can help our clients to choose the best solutions for their specific project. Since we always rely on external experts in the process of commercializing or assessing a new technology, many of our clients have shown us the trust in using us even when dealing with their most complex projects.

Below we have listed some of the fields we work in:

Energy technologies

  • Biofuels (Biogas, bioethanol, bio hydrogen)
  • Carbon sequestration
  • District heating and cooling technologies
  • Electro active materials
  • Energy storage
  • Offshore technologies
  • Power electronics (transport, hybrids, power supplies)
  • Solar cells and solar heating
  • Wind energy turbines and components

Waste to value and recycling

  • Municipal and company waste-to-fuel
  • Pig manure treatment
  • Recycling of industrial materials
  • Waste-to-fuel processes

Water management technologies

  • Pump technologies
  • Sensors for water
  • Solar water purification
  • Sterilization technology
  • Water treatment technologies and systems

Industrial processes

  • Green gluing technologies
  • Green impregnation technologies
  • Energy efficient technologies