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Date: 08-03-2017

We are looking for a master’s student, who is interested in the commercial aspects of new technologies

We are looking for an analytical and outgoing student to assist our tto team in their work with new technologies. The position requires 15-20 hours per week. We are located in Copenhagen a few hundred meters from the Southern Campus of the University of Copenhagen and close to the metro stop by Danmarks Radio.

Your profile
In order to be considered for the position, you need to be enrolled in a master’s program. Typically, our analysts are engineering students, but your line of education for this position is secondary to your interest in the commercial aspects of new technologies.

We have an equal share of Danish and foreign clients, which makes it important that you are confident in speaking and writing both in Danish and English. Further, you should be willing to initiate contact with clients online and over the phone when needed.

Experience with patent search is an advantage but not a requirement.

Who are we?
tto is part of the consultancy firm Plougmann Vingtoft, which is one of Denmark’s leading intellectual property consulting firms. tto specializes in value generation from new technologies and IPR.

At tto we assist clients facing challenges in a transition phase from early stage development to commercialization or exit, and we provide services such as; technology assessment, market analysis, commercialization strategy and partner search.

What do we offer?
As a student employee in the tto team, you will enter into a team-based work structure with colleagues, who have a specialized technology- or business background. You will work as an analyst and assist the team in finding good solutions for the different clients and projects at hand. This includes interaction with clients from universities as well as private companies both in Denmark and abroad.

Your tasks will vary between desk research, where you apply technical as well as commercial data sources, and interview-based dialogues with experts from universities and different industries.

As stated the position will require 15-20 hours per week, however, we are flexible and able to take your needs in terms of school assignments and exams into account.

We offer a lunch arrangement and the option of participation in social events.

If you have questions regarding the position, contact Director Jon Wulff Petersen on +45 20482562 or job@pv.eu.

We will assess the applications on a continuous basis.

Place of work
Plougmann Vingtoft, Rued Langgaards Vej 8, 2300 København S.

Starting date
As soon as possible